New Note (Aug 18 2014): If you have a duplicate account, please ensure that you send customer service an email requesting deletion of additional accounts. For example, you should not have any two number accounts, they should either be zero or C accounts - or associated to your payroll number (not badge no.) New Note (Apr 22, 2014): If your Amazon e-code is not working on Amazon's website please contact Amazon Customer Care at 1-888-280-4331 for them to troubleshoot your issues on their sites. Previous Notes: Please use your original FA number logging in (not the number beginning in '2'). Please do not copy and paste password resets from the FAR system you receive by email. You must type them in character by character, manually, into the password field. (Make sure not to exceed 3 incorrect password attempts, as you will be locked out - email customer service first.) Please remember: Please make sure to claim your prize within 30 days of prize email notification which you received. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Percentage based on number of fresh meals, Café Snack & Café Plus boxes sold versus boarded across all flights in a calendar month. Sum of all individual flight sales divided by total meals boarded for these flights. The percentage should be within the award tier to win.

OnBoard Rewards is the exciting program that rewards you for your onboard sales efforts. To join this exciting program, click on "Enroll Now" from the menu on the right. If you have trouble logging on, please contact customer service at onboard.rewards@lsgsc.com REMEMBER: use a "0" in front of your FA number (US EAST) or a "C" (US WEST) to log in!

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